18th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions


The time table and the list of titles of plenary talks are available.

The speakers in the parallel sessions will have 15 min. talk time plus 2 min. discussion time.

Plenary speakers

  • Steven Abel: The Phenomenology of General Gauge Mediation,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Laura Baudis: Direct Dark Matter Searches: an Overview,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Alberto Belloni: ATLAS recent results,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Zvi Bern: Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From QCD to N=8 Supergravity,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Ralph Blumenhagen: The Idea of F-theory GUTs,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Jonathan Butterworth: New Search Techniques using Jet Structure,   Talk   (ppt)
  • Kiwoon Choi: SUSY Breaking and the Pattern of Sparticle Masses at the LHC,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Laura Covi: News on Axino and Gravitino DM,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Athanasios Dedes: The SUSY flavor code,   Talk   (pdf)
  • John Ellis: Prospects for Supersymmetry in the LHC Era,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Ulrich Ellwanger: The Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at the LHC,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Johannes Haller: Higgs, SUSY & non-SUSY BSM in ATLAS,   Talk   (ppt)
  • Steen Hannestad: Neutrino Physics from Precision Cosmology,   Talk   (ppt)
  • Aurelio Juste: Higgs Searches at the Tevatron,   Talk   (ppt)
  • Igor Klebanov: Gauge Theories as Curved Spacetimes,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Zohar Komargodski: A Review of Topics in Gauge Mediation,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Michael Krämer: Precision Calculations for SUSY Searches at Hadron Collidesr,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Sabine Kraml: Yukawa-Unified SUSY,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Oleg Lebedev: NMSSM and strings,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Andrei Linde: Superconformal symmetry and inflation in NMSSM,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Konstantin Matchev: SUSY mass measurements at the LHC,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Pran Nath: Dark Matter, Supersymmetry and the LHC,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Ulrich Nierste: Supersymmetric Flavour Physics,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Keith Olive: Supersymmetric Dark Matter and SuperGUT Unification Models,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Maurizio Pierini: Recent Results from CMS,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Fernando Quevedo: Flavour and SUSY in Local String Models,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Michael Ratz: Anomalous Discrete Symmetries,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Andrea Romanino: Realizations of Tree Level Gauge Mediation,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Francesco Sannino: Technicolor and Beyond: Unification in Theory Space,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Christian Sander: Recent Results from CMS,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Subir Sarkar: Asymmetric Dark Matter,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Stephan Stieberger: Strings at the LHC,   Talk   (pdf)
  • John Strologas: Search for New Phenomena at the Tevatron,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Ulrich Uwer: B Physics - Status and Prospects,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Georg Weiglein: Physics in the MSSM with Complex Parameters,   Talk   (pdf)
  • Jörg Wenninger: Status of the LHC Operation,   Talk   (ppt)
  • Kathryn Zurek: New Models of Dark Matter,   Talk   (pdf)

PreSUSY speakers

  • Benjamin Allanach (DAMPT Cambridge): Determining the SUSY Lagrangian Parameters
  • Howard Haber (UC Santa Cruz): 2-component fermions
  • JoAnne Hewett (SLAC): Non-SUSY BSM
  • Jihn E. Kim (Seoul): CP-Violation
  • Steve Martin (Northern Illinois University): Introduction: Supersymmetry
  • Isabelle Melzer-Pellmann (DESY): Performing a SUSY analysis
  • Gudrid Moortgat-Pick (Hamburg): Physics at a Future Linear Collider
  • Stuart Raby (The Ohio State University): SUSY-GUTs
  • Adrian Signer (IPP Durham): Computing Radiative Corrections
  • Frank Steffen (MPI München): Dark Matter Computations
  • Carlos Wagner (U. Chicago and Argonne NL): Baryogenisis at the EWPT
  • Peter Zerwas (DESY Hamburg and RWTH Aachen): Higgs

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